SEMO TKL SE Extra Sale


SEMO TKL SE Extra Sale



1. Keyboard Specification
- Typing angle : 8 degrees
- Weight : 3.7 Kg (top/bottom/weight)
- Top mount with leaf springs
- Plate : Silver anodized aluminum

2. Included in the set are : Keyboard, Alu Plate(Silver), PCB, Carrying Case etc.

3. Extra Sale List : Choose the set number from below list

A Grade : Same quality as GB
  1. Not available
A- Grade : has bit more dusts or minor anodizing defet than A grade
  1. Black / Sandblasted Brass Weight / WK / Solder PCB : 1 set (570 USD)
B Grade : has paint coat/anodizing defect(visible side) or dings(one or two on the invisible side)
  1. Silver / Gold Weight / WKL / Solder PCB : 1 set (470 USD)

C Grade : has paint coat/anodizing defect or one or two dings(both on visible side)
  1. Not Available

4. For more detailed information about this extra sale, please visit :

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