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If you are going to buy this item with your credit card, 1000usd limit per order or the order will be declined. With PayPal, there is no limit.

For Credit Card payment, 3DS secure protocol shall be applied to your card. If not applied, please contact your Credit Card issuer to apply this protocol. Or, simply, you can pay with PayPal.

And if you have any problem regarding the payment, please contact bahm.studio@gmail.com or send DM to JM/King Of Mount Keyverest from Discord.

[Important Notice]

1. Please note that this is a Group Buy.
There can be delays and set backs.
The estimated shipping date is late October 2023.
However, the timeline is only an estimate and
there can be delays and set backs.
By purchasing this item you agree
that you understand everything above.
on these orders.

2. Combined shipping is NOT possible due to the package size.
If you want to purchase more than one board,
please make a new order.

3. If you choose same color for both top and bottom case,
there will be slight color difference.
This will be NOT warranted(This is Designer's intention to Oreum CP)

4. Shipping fee will be charged just before the time of sending out your order(this is due to the high oil price at the moment)
Expect around 60 USD to NA / 65~70USD to EU / 50 USD to SEA / 65 USD to AU/NZ

[About the GB]

- GB Date
   from : 17th September 2022
   to : 1st October 2022

- MOQ : 100 sets

- Max Quantity : 300 sets

- Estimated delivery time : Sep. 2023


- CP layout

- Typing Angle : 6.5 degrees

- WK only

- Supports ANSI/ISO

- Mounting Style : Bottom mounted

- Weight : 2.42 Kg (unbuilt and w/ plate and w/o PCB)

- Effective Keyboard Height : 22.2mm(from bottom of the bottom case to the top(slider top) of the space bar swtich)

- Color :
  Top - Navy, Gray, Silver, Rose Gold, Red
  Bottom - Navy, Gray, Silver, Gold, Red
  Brass Weight - Hairlined and Clear-coated on visible side
  Plate - the plate colour will be
              Silver for Gray, Silver Bottom
              Gold for Gold, Rose Gold Bottom
              Red for Red Bottom
              Black for Black Bottom

- Includes
   Keyboard Top/Bottom(Al6061-T6)
   Brass Weight
   Aluminium Plate
   PCB (Solder) - QMK/VIA compatible
   Bumpons/Screws/Microfiber pouch/Package/Magnets etc.

- Final Price : 470 USD

If you want to change the bundled solder PCB to Hotswap PCB, please add below product too ; Oreum CP Bundle PCB Exchange – BahmStudio

Once your product has shipped, it usually takes 3 to 4 business days in USA, 3 to 7 in Asia and Europe, 5 to 15 for the rest of the wrold. If you have not received your products, feel free to contact us using our contact page.

You can return your product up to 10 days after receiving your order. Please make sure that the products are not damaged.

However, if there is a special return policy of an item, this special policy is prior to this general return policy.

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