Nyaong75 Extra Sale


Nyaong75 Extra Sale


1. Combined shipping of N75 boards is not possible.
If you want to purchase more than a board, please make a new order.


2. We will try to send all extras within two weeks. However, there may be some delay. If delay happens, we will announce on our discord server.


3. If you want to change the bundled PCB to How Swap PCB, please add [Nyaong75 Bundled PCB Exchange] in your order. You can order this option separate from your N75 order later.



- Typing angle : 6 degrees
- Material : Upper case : Alu 6061
                  Bottom case : Alu 6061
                  Front face ears : Semi-transparent acryl
                  Bottom engraving : 1.5mm grooves
- Weight : 2.60Kg unbuilt
- 75 Layout
- Bottom row(R6) supports only 1.25 1.25 1.25 6.25 1.25 1.25
   due to the inside screw holes
- Aluminium plate
- Burger mounted on top case
- Inside screw holes
- PCB supports ANSI/ISO, soldering required, screw-In-stabs
- 5x RGB LED on each ear(total 10 RGB LEDs)
- Bottom engraving : Smiling face, Butt
- Colour (all anodized) :
   Black top and bottom + Black plate
   Rose Gold top and Gold bottom + Gold plate
   Silver top and bottom + Silver plate

Once your product has shipped, it usually takes 3 to 4 business days in USA, 3 to 7 in Asia and Europe, 5 to 15 for the rest of the wrold. If you have not received your products, feel free to contact us using our contact page.

You can return your product up to 10 days after receiving your order. Please make sure that the products are not damaged.

However, if there is a special return policy of an item, this special policy is prior to this general return policy.

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