Aster Ergo TKL Extra Sales


Aster Ergo TKL Extra Sales

If you are going to buy this item with your credit card, 1000usd limit per order or the order will be declined. With PayPal, there is no limit.

For Credit Card payment, 3DS secure protocol shall be applied to your card. If not applied, please contact your Credit Card issuer to apply this protocol. Or, simply, you can pay with PayPal.

And if you have any problem regarding the payment, please contact or send DM from Discord.

[Important Notice]

1. Combined shipping is NOT possible due to the package size.
   If you want to purchase more than one board,
   please make a new order.

[About the Extra Sale]

- There are three versions
   Premium : with a brass weight
   Standard : with a aluminium weight
   Economic : without weight(only engraving)

- Orders will be sent within a week

- All extras are A-graded


- Typing Angle : 7 degrees

- WKL Only

- Supports ANSI/ISO

- Mounting Style : Top mounted / O-ring gasket mounted

- With or Without Patterned Top

- Weight :
   Premium 3.48 Kg
   Standard and Economic 2.0 Kg (unbuilt and w/ plate and w/o PCB)

- Effective Keyboard Height : 23mm

- Includes
   Keyboard Top/Bottom (and Weight for Premium version)
   Aluminium Plate
   PCB (Solder) - QMK/VIA compatible
   Bumpons/Screws/Microfiber pouch/Package etc.


No.1 - Premium Edition
- Top : Burgundy w/o Pattern w/o Logo
- Bottom : Burgundy
- Weight : Brass
- Plate : Gold top-mount
- Badge : Burgundy

No.2 - Standard Edition
- Top : Gray w/ Pattern w/ Logo
- Bottom : Silver
- Weight : Gray Aluminum
- Plate : Silver top-mount
- Badge : Silver

No.3 - Economy Edition
- Top : Gray w/o Pattern w/o Logo
- Bottom : Silver
- Weight : NO weight (Engraving ONLY)
- Plate : Silver top-mount
- Badge : Silver

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However, if there is a special return policy of an item, this special policy is prior to this general return policy.

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